Modo Enterprises

Technology Research & Investments

Modo Enterprises Subsidiary Companies

This list is in order of establishment, oldest to youngest.

Walt's Jewelers

Walt's Jewelers has been taking care of their Clients since 1956.

Key Rack Research

Key Rack Research explores technology.

WJ Gold Precious Metals Investments

Discreet, Secure, Physical precious metals investments.


Eden is an Aveda Lifestyle Salon and Spa established in 2018.

Modo Enterprises Projects

This is a list of current Modo Enterprises projects.

Jewelers Benchpin Forums

Our mission is simple: to bring Jewelers from around the world together in a vibrant online community where knowledge flows freely and inspiration knows no bounds. At Jewelers Benchpin, we firmly believe that expertise should be shared, creativity should be nurtured, and connections should be forged. That is why our forum is and always will be free, open to all who share a passion for the craft.  #jewelerforum #jewelersforum #jewelryforum #jewelersbenchpin is a new online gaming forum built by and for gamers.