"We will either find a way, or make one."
Hannibal Of Carthage, son of Hamilcar Barca

An Incomplete List of Our Capabilities


With experience in both hardware and software development, we are able to place your project into the right hands for the job.


We believe the best Analysts come from great Operators. We believe in finding Analysts who are not just book smart, and able to think like an Analyst, but who know the value and importance, the little nuances of the why and of what truly matters.


In the world of operations, there are many levels of expertise. Most will say they were at the top of the pecking order. Having been directly involved in so many aspects of operations, special and not so special, we are very familiar with who is truly at the top. This is the group from which we recruit.

Our Resources

We have an extensive pool of resources which we can call on for targeted support when needed. Many of these are actively working in some of the highest levels of their industry. In all situations, we have confirmed their ability to provide us with support.